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Badog Swiss Artisan 22

Badog Swiss Artisan 22
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Badog Swiss Artisan 22



Badog X3 CNC

The Badog X3 is the machine that we use to mill all of our badog machines

This is a swiss made CNC product and we are proud of itGeneral: The Badog Swiss Artisan CNC computerized hobby mill is the first in our professional model style machines and will likely be around fro a while. With all supported axes and ball screw drive train this particular machine is derived from our x models but can assure a precision and perfection under any professional environment. As times evolve we needed a new machine to add to our already large line of cnc machines and milling routers. The Badog Swiss Artisan is our most rigid precise machine yet coupled with the silent ball bearing drive train and the supported axes on all 3 axes to assure that the precision is not lost through the length of the machine.

Unsurpassed quality and price. Unlike our other CNC machines that we sell internationally, our unique Badog Swiss Artisan 22 model is not available outside of Switzerland.

What is included with this machine: The Badog Swiss Artisan 22 is sold complete with 4 axis MikroNC control module, T-Table to secure the pieces to the table, rubber dampers, milling spindle, supported axes X,Y and Z, Ball screw and software.

supported axis, ball screws, 4 axe control and asuper reinforced table structure make this machine one of the most performant in its range


Applications and uses: Our machine Badog X3 Swiss made router and milling machine can be used for wood, aluminium plastics and proto making as well as engraving and chamfering in the industrial domain. This particular machine is usually recommended if you have a shop or need an added boost to rigidity and precision in industrial surroundings or demand more from your products and need to break into an already hard precision industry with a product of Swiss quality. This machine is sold completely assembled and ready to adjust for your application, speeds and precision.



Machine Dimensions/ Specs(units)Artisan
Physical dimensions environ
(X,Y,Z mm env)
618, 919, 557
Table size:
(X,Y,Z mm)
500, 800
Cutting Size (depends on bearing configuration):
(X,Y,Z mm env)
600, 340, 98 (90)
Rail diameter XYZ:
(X,Y,Z mm)
16, 16, 16 supported
Clearence Gantry:
Resolution (option):
Microstep modes
1/2 1-1/8 1/16 (1/32o)
Max speed
Stepper Draw (upgrade available)
Number axes / D
3 - 3D or 4


Power Specifications(units)Artisan
Power supply included
Control module included:
Power supply input requirements
Power supply output requirements
Number of stepper motors
Torque stepper motors
Protection circuit

*Conditions apply see our legal sections for details, images, are representative only, prices, conditions, stock, availability subject to change at any time. because this is a limited time machine makes sure that he machine fits your needs before ordering it because it is sold as is and cannot be returned or altered to resemble other machines we sell.




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