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Badog Gear Designer

Badog gear designer allows you to build clocks, reducters and mechanisms
This is a swiss made CNC product and we are proud of itBadog gear designer is perfect for the hobbyst that needs to cut and design gears for their projects. Imagine if you could just simply enter the gear distances and have a program that will allow you to export the information directly into your cnc machine ready to cut! this is exactly what th egear designer does, it takes the limited information and fills in the blanks for you and then when you are ready to cut it transforms the information into dxf information ready to be fed into the cnc machine of your chaice

Badog Gear Designer, Badog gear designer allows you to build clocks, reducters and mechanisms

System requirements:
Operating System
Windows XP
Windows Vista®
Windows 7, 32 bit systems

Graphics Configuration
256MB OpenGL-compatible graphics card
Integrated graphics controllers are not supported
1280 x 1024 pixel resolution
Full hardware acceleration display setting is recommended

Hard Disk Drive Space, processor and Memory
3 GB available hard disk space (minimum)
2 GB minimum RAM
Additional RAM recommended for optimal performance
2.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) minimum
32-bit Intel®-compatible processor

Mouse or Tablet
2 button (minimum)
3 or 2 button with middle mouse wheel
G2 tablet supported
Additional Software

You will need the latest version of Adobe® Flash® to view the videos on our website.
You will need Adobe® Reader® 6.0 (minimum) to display the PDF documentation.
You can download both applications from

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