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    PDF Assembly Power Card

    Step by step PDF document for the assembly of the power Card and stepper driver circuit used in thepetite cnc

    PDF Assembly Stepper Card

    Step by step PDF document for the assembly of the Stepepr card or stepper driver this documet is used for educational purposes and is used in our older models of cnc machines and mills.

    PDF Badog CAD exercises

    PDF on the Badog CAD and petite cnc exercises for the cad program that we use for cnc

    PDF Badog CAD User

    The Badog CAD CAM manual is a document that explains in full your CAD software in depth. Topics covered are in depth how to draw functions and what each module of the software does.

    PDF Config Mach3

    this document allows you to find the correct procedure for configuring your computer in order to start milling with your hobby router. the cnc tutorial document is called PDF Config Mach3 and the title is how to configure your hobby cnc machine or router for mach3

    PDF Nema 23 Specs

    PDF on the specs of the stepper motors used sometimes with our cnc kits and stepper driver control kits

    PDF Petite Assembly

    PDF explaining the Petite Assembly especially for the body kit and other mechanical parts

    PDF Schemat Cards

    pdf on the shcma electronic for the stepper cards taht we sell for cnc machines

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