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Conditions warranty

3. Warranty Terms:
3-1. WARRANTY COVERAGE AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: Services such as, and not limited to, our online helpdesk (other than warranty or sales obligations), software, delivery and schooling are free services that Badog CNC Boyko offers and should not be confused as being our obligation as per this warranty or these Sales Terms.  Our liability for any warranty repairs shall be limited at Our sole discretion to the free replacement of faulty items covered or the issue of credit in respect thereof or the granting of a refund that shall relate only to the actual items concerned providing that You have not made any modifications to them or tried to repair these faulty pieces. We shall not be liable to You by any reason of any representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term or any duty in common law or under the express terms of these Warranty Terms for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damages arising out of any services performed for You or any goods sold under these Sale Terms even if  We have been advised of the possibility of such loss or damages. The 'Badog CNC Boyko' liability to You for actual damages will be strictly limited to the replacement of the goods and possibly the workmanship after a complete inspection and a warranty validation judgement has been confirmed by an authorized Badog employee. We guaranty the machine as a functional unit with the same capacities or more as our shop demo units and do not guaranty in anyway precision or speed and make no promises to its capacities. We alos garanty that your X model machine has been manufactured by a Badog brand machine.
New equipment will have 24 months return to base warranty on all mechanical parts excluding radial bearings, motors, mill head and control card circuit. It will be ‘Your’ responsibly to bare the send and return cost of the mechanical equipment should it need repairing. Please note all parts that are deemed to have been damaged by ‘You’ as determined by Our confirmation and have not become faulty due to a manufacturing failure will incur a charge to ‘You’ for either the repair or replacement and all work involved. We reserve the right to determine cause of fault and original condition of damaged items and shall remain the ultimate governing authority in every matter to determine if the warranty is applicable and Our fault in each case. Returns: All returns for whatever reason should be returned to ‘Us’ unused in a new state in the original packaging that they were supplied in with ALL manuals, software etc. Goods returned with parts missing or altered pieces will NOT be covered under any warranty.
We reserve the right to determine the form in which the instruction courses take and the form in which OUR courses or instruction is distributed to our client. OUR presence is not promised in any way for the setup and instruction of the software or the machine. OUR service of installation refers to the assembly of the machine and our instruction could be different for each client in duration and form. Since we have chosen to use an apprenticeship type process we reserve the right to determine if the client meets the requirements of advancement.  

3-2. PROCEDURES FOR WARRANTY OR HELP: Currently, all of our 24 hour help and contact services are hosted on our website and can be accessed through your account and We do not propose any other form of help or contact services such as, but not limited to: email, chat, SMS, telephone, fax, mail, visits, or skywriting. This means that we only accept warranty claimes through our ticket desk in your account on our server You agree that We are not obligated to respond using any of these unvalid forms of communication and in the case of a lawsuit are not admissible. If we decide to extend our help services to include other modes of communication, you will be billed a flat rate of 250.- per demand. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). In order to get an RMA you must contact our online customer service on this website. note: our chat is reserved for sales questions. See our sales conditions and warranty agreement for details. Returning a product with out an RMA you will be billed fully for the diagnostic, delivery and repair of your defective item regardless of any instructions attached to your returned product. At this time your product will be withheld until advance payment is effectuated for the repairs. Returned goods may also be dropped off at any of our retail store locations, only when accompanied by a valid RMA. Every warranty claim must be preceded by a logical diagnostic procedure during in which at this time We are not liable for any loss or damages You will infer either economic or other. The initiation of a warranty claim or question must be by website service claim with our online help to our staff where You may be instructed to perform a series remote diagnostic steps or answer to our diagnostic questions in order for us to efficiently determine the next steps. Only at this time can repairs be made by You which will not void the warranty. As there may be other priorities or obligations You will be treated in the quickest possible manner and to assure a degree of quality and rapidity every claim or question will be treated In our particular diagnostic format.  Non favorable answers on our part must not in this process be confused in anyway with the wrong answer as it is Our policy to give the facts as it pertains to Our product as they should function according to Us.

3-3. SOFTWARE WARRANTY DISCLAIMER AND SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS: The software packages are provided with each machine 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose,  comprehension or ease of use. In no event shall Badog CNC Boyko be liable for Any damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, Consequential, loss of business profits or special damages. The Badog CAD/CAM limited is supplied and free with our machines to install on your personal computers (up to 5) for the personal user.

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