Badog CNC would like to formally welcome EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) and the team at ECAL lab (University of art and design Lausanne) to our family of clients and thank them all for their trust in our products.

The project Swiss Artisan + crossed my desk a little over a month ago to produce a massive 2.3m long CNC milling machine for the ECAL lab in Lausanne in order to mill panel and plate aluminum maintaining our incredible standards of precision and low price. This meant that our production had to be halted for 3 weeks and no more of our famous Badog X2 or Swiss Artisan 22 model machines could be manufactured to make room for the massive + space-consuming table

As an engineer for Badog CNC I had seen projects like this before but never had the chance to build more than 1.8 meter long tables so I was excited. The project was launched and thanks to our efficient TTM, the machine was ordered and the first pieces were manufactured in only a couple of days. The machine was tested and deconstructed for transport and later will be set up in the EPFL ECAL lab in Lausanne.