Badog cnc machines

Badog Class1 CNC Entry level Badog Class1.
Perfect for DIY or beginner.
milling alu, wood, plastic, stone, copper
and brass. Size: 600 x 350 x 95 mm.
Resolution: 1-10um
Badog Class 2 CNC milling machine Unbeatable price / quality ratio. The machine is able to mill in aluminum, plastic wood.
Swiss manufacturing and design. Size: 600 x 350 x 95 mm. Resolution: 1-10um
Badog AlphaDog A product evolution quite extraordinary without outsourcing, 97% Swiss. Machine is able to mill in aluminum, wood and plastic. Size: 2100 x 1300 x 145 mm. Vacuum table, automatic tool changer Badog Artisan 22 CNC The most popular machine. Manufacturing and Swiss design.
Perfect for the professional. Size: 600 x 350 x 95 mm.
Resolution: 1-um. 3 year warranty *

Come see and test the machines by yourself

We have been Swiss manufacturers of digital and CNC machines wood and aluminium machines for over 10 years and we can make a custom machine if one of our milling machines does not suit you. Our cnc’s are compact, rigid, precise and can be used in almost all applications: watchmaking, DIY, prototyping or CAM manufacturing.

Perfect for the DIYer or SME! Sometimes it is difficult to assess what our machines can do for you. We therefore invite you to visit our workshop where you can attend a demonstration of our products. In addition, you also have the opportunity to try our machines on site here in Switzerland before purchasing them!


Why Badog CNC?

cnc machines in our training center Swiss raw material foru our cnc machines Swiss schools training center cnc training

Easy to learn and operate

Raw Swiss materials

We support local schools

Quality and Swiss engineering

We have an 300m2 education center equipped with more than 20 CNC machines for your apprenticeship all of our machines and equipment are made from Swiss raw materials Already in 2019 more than 80% of our business came from local schools and businesses Since we started up 17 years ago we have sold more than 400 machines and equipment in Switzerland



Come see our compact CNC Machine

or our Professional CNC Machine

or our custom CNC cutter made for you


Our CNC training center in Fribourg

 cnc class room milling cnc machine s



Come see our
training center
800m2 of machines test on the spot
Our tools and ideas A collaborative workshop
A tailor-made workshop
Open to the public
Milling workshop, model car, boat, welding workshop, kitchen area, vinyl cutting workshop,
silkscreen workshop, arduino, micro-controller, carpentry workshop,
bucking, 3d printer machining and turning and more ...
Our MakerSpace is open to the public in Fribourg
No experience? No problem. Needs of a course? Group or private course Contact us Have you always wanted to learn about 3d printing? Do you want to use our mechanical workshop in Fribourg? Or even more: use engineering methods? You have always wanted to program a micro-controller but have you never given yourself the time?


About our CNC machines

All our CNC milling machines are designed, assembled and manufactured in Switzerland with Swiss aluminium. We offer free: information and training for all our machines *. No prior experience with CNC is required, we can start from scratch. We offer a great service with customer level satisfaction. Our customers speaks for us. We hold the best quality stock in market with unparalleled customer service. give us a try or come in to talk about your plans.