CNC for skis artisanal ski making machine


Application: Milling machine for the artisanal manufacture of wooden skis. A dedicated CNC solution that offers the Swiss artisanal wooden ski manufacturing sector a real competitive advantage at a lower cost.


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CNC machining center for ski manufacturing is a new application solution

Application: Milling machine for the artisanal manufacture of wooden skis. In short, it’s an artisanal ski-making CNC. A dedicated CNC solution that offers the Swiss artisanal wooden ski manufacturing sector a real competitive advantage at a lower cost.

CNC pour fabrication de ski machine fabrication ski

We have put together a complete set that contains a machine frame, milling head and software specially designed for the cottage industry of wood ski making.

This CNC is a CNC for ski manufacturing, precise, reliable and flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of small series of small businesses. This 3-axis computer-controlled machining center set is capable of milling long pieces of wood to make wooden skis. This is sold as one of our “solutions” as a complete Badog package, consisting of chassis, drives, motors, design software and an easy-to-use interface.


artisanal ski making cnc n bois artisanal


Artisanal ski making machine cnc from 2 meters and up

This CNC milling machine opens up new possibilities in the manufacture of Swiss skis. The craftsmen of wood ski manufacturing and subcontractors now have a production tool that meets their requirements. This is a compact but long machine (2200mm long!) Dedicated to handcrafting wooden skis that can tip the balance of power and reduce outsourcing.




This product (solution) is CNC dedicated to ski manufacturing and even though it is precise and reliable, it costs thousands less than our closest competitors. It is also flexible enough to meet the challenge of small product runs. Numerical controls, interface and easy-to-use software play a vital role in achieving these goals. These points were decisive in the development of the new CNC milling machine for manufacturing standard machinecrafted skis.


Fabrication Suisse

Based in Freiburg, Badog is a manufacturer of cnc machines for the hobby, small business, ski industry and watch industry. Badog manufactures 91% of its machine components from Swiss raw materials. We use the best machining technologies to give its machines the productivity, precision and flexibility that Swiss toolmakers and watchmakers are entitled to demand.

machine pour fabrication ski en bois

Badog has understood that its customers in the ski manufacturing industry are always looking for more flexibility, precision and above all economical solutions that do not sacrifice precision. That’s why we created this CNC machine for ski manufacturing. Like our standard machines, we are able to offer tailor-made machines in record time not only to watchmakers but to SMEs.


Who needs a CNC that can manufacture skis??:

The machining center for ski manufacturing is based on our already famous Badog Artisan 22 model with 3 digital axes and a 4th axis wired directly to the box. This configuration allows the machine to be compact and quite rigid despite its enormous size of 500x2500mm.

The 4-axis MikroNc controller and a 2.2 kW milling spindle with inverter control complete the package. The easy-to-use software makes it easy for the watchmaker to design and mill their parts. It also offers a graphical display of the status of the various operations of the milling process. The ski maker can also be programmed using other software to easily and quickly adapt to the user’s learning curve.






Au service des artisans skieurs du bois

Les opérations de fabrication artisanale de skis en bois ont été simplifiées afin qu’une seule machine puisse être utilisée pour de nombreuses opérations différentes. Les fonctions de décoration du fabricant de ski Badog ont été déplacées vers un logiciel externe. En quelques minutes, l’utilisateur final peut commencer à couper les pièces avec précision et facilité avec la même machine qu’il utilise pour le gravage.


machine pour fabrication de ski en bois artisanal
machine pour fabrication de ski en bois artisanal




Machine est vendu monté et testé avec châssis, tête de fraisage 2.2 kW, module de contrôl MikroNc4, interrupteur de limites, table T avec fixation, logiciel BadogCAD, Badog Excel to DXF, Gear designer, kit de fixation et un jeu de mèches pour les ski.  Garantie de 2 ans et formation sur la machine et maintenance dans notre centre de formation inclus gratuitement.


Nom: Application horlogères
Type: Fraiseuse Petite CNC

Dimensions et caractéristiques phisiques (units)
Dimensions physiques:
(X,Y,Z mm)
400, 2500, 557
Taille de table:
(X,Y,Z mm)
350, 450
Taille Max de Découpe:
(X,Y,Z mm)
2050, 300, 90
Diamètre XYZ de rail:
(X,Y,Z mm)
16, 16, 16
Hauteur portique:
Modes de microsteppage:
1/2 – 1/8-1/16
Vitesse maximum:
Moteur Amp (upgrade disponible):
Nombre d’axes / D
3 – 3D
Axe et vis a bulle pré
Fabrication: swissmade
Couple moteur: (ozin) 305




Options inclus:
Alimentation: 220V 12A
Boite de contrôle:
MicroNc 3 axis control (4 axe en option)
Tête de fraisage:
(2.2 kW en option)
Logiciel CAD
Badog CAD v11,
Logiciel CAM
Logiciel Pilotage
Table renforcé: 20mm en T
4th axis


**Les spécifications peuvent changer en fonction de la configuration du produit. Les images sont représentatives. Les prix sont sujets à changement à tout moment. voir nos conditions de notre cnc shop pour plus ou venez chez nous pour voir les machines

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 500 mm


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