Badog CNC glass cutting machine


CNC glass cutting machine can be used for glass, plastics and prototype manufacturing. This machine can also be used for DIY or in a small garage. This machine is sold assembled by our training center.


cnc glass cutting machine

Swissmade cnc glass cutting machine

Badog cnc glass cutting machine

For many years we’ve had customers who needed to cut glass with a CNC but didn’t have the technology or the right equipment to do the job. Therefore, we have found a viable solution for cutting glass and plastics with precision.

Easy to use

Above all, the machine had to be cheap and accessible to someone who was not a professional school worker. Therefore, easy to use and program. This machine comes with our easy-to-use software, so it’s easy to learn. In other words, with our free software and courses, it only takes a few hours to learn and start your first project.

Applications and uses:

The machine can cut glass, plastics and do prototype manufacturing. This machine is also ideal for use for DIY or in a small garage. Also, we assemble this machine locally in Fribourg Switzerland in our 200m2 training center. Moreover, you also have the possibility to customize it with the options.

finally, if you would like to see a demo you can come into our shop and try the machines out for your self.

glass cutter cnc

cnc glass cutting machine specifications:

  • Chassis type: cnc machine
  • Working size (XYZ mm): 600 x 350 x 70
  • Drive: Ball screw rail drive
  • Material: Aluminium 15mmTable: 450×800 in aluminium
  • Motors: Nema 23 x3
  • Control box: 220V, 4A,


  • Optional: Working size (maximum XYZ mm): 2600 x 1350 x 200
    Drive: Precision ball screw, HIWIN guides, Trapezoidal
    Milling head: 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 4.5kW, air or water cooled
    Material: Aluminium, wood, plastic
    Motors: Nema 32 x3
    Drawing software: our famous software BadogCAM.
    Control box: 220V, 380V, 4A, 8A, 12A, wooden plastic or aluminium


if you have questions or comments about this cnc glass cutting machine or our other products do not hesitate to contact us in our contact form

machine-de decoupe de verre cnc


Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 500 mm


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