Watchmaking CNC guilloche and watch decoration CNC


Application: CNC guilloche machine for watchmaking cnc with 1, double or triple engraving head. A dedicated CNC solution that offers the Swiss watchmaking sector and swiss watchmakers an advantage in the field of decoration of watches at a lower cost.


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Entry watchmaking CNC guilloche and watch decorating CNC

Application: CNC guilloche machine for watchmaking with 1, double or triple engraving head. A dedicated CNC solution that offers the Swiss watchmaking sector and Swiss watchmakers an advantage in decorating watches at a lower cost. We have gathered a pack of products with a machine, milling head and software specially designed to make decorations such as mechanical engraving, shearing, guilloche, Geneva stripes, and pearling.

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Our machining center Watchmaking CNC guilloche is designed for watchmakers and instrument makers. It is a CNC machining center that is compact, precise, reliable and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of small businesses and small series.

This computer-controlled watchmaking CNC has 3 axes and is capable of milling soft metals or precious metals. The aforementioned CNC is sold as one of our “solutions” as a complete package, consisting of chassis, drives, motors, design software and an easy-to-use interface.


Dedicated for watchmaking

Its dedicated watchmaking CNC guilloche machine offers new possibilities to Swiss watchmaking for watch decoration. Watch designers, instrument makers and subcontractors now have a production tool that meets their high demands. A compact machine dedicated to watchmaking can tip the balance of power and reduce outsourcing or subcontracting.


Made in Switzerland



Conception especially for watchmakers who need a powerful CNC

This watchmaking CNC guilloche pack and software is dedicated to watchmaking because it is precise and reliable but costs thousands less than our closest competitors.

It is also flexible enough to meet the challenge of small series. The numerical control, interface and software are easy to use and play a vital role in achieving these goals. These points were decisive in the development of the new standard watchmaking CNC milling machine.


Watchmaking CNC guilloche software

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Watchmaking cnc professionals

Based in Friborg, Badog, manufacturer of CNC machines and special machines for DIY enthusiasts, small businesses and the watch industry, manufactures 91% of its internal components from Swiss raw materials. We use the best machining technologies to give its machines the productivity, precision and flexibility that Swiss toolmakers and watchmakers are entitled to demand.






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Watchmaking CNC guilloche


In the service of swiss watchmakers

Sold with a decoration software in which the operations include: mechanical engraving, artisanal engraving, guilloche, Côtes de Genève (Geneva waves), sunshine, snailing, beading, strapping and polishing. In a matter of minutes, the end-user can start decorating the parts with precision and ease with the same machine they use for prototyping. The watchmaking CNC guilloche machine performs all this seamlessly.


The machine is sold assembled and tested with the frame, double or triple head with the static engraver, MikroNc4 control module, limit switch, T table with fixing, Guilloché software, BadogCAD software, fixing kit and a set of drills for watchmaking. In addition, 2-year warranty and machine training and maintenance at our training center included free of charge.


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Name: Watchmaking CNC guilloche machine by Badog
Type: milling machine Petite CNC

Machine dimensions/specifications

  • Physical dimensions (X,Y,Z mm): 618, 550, 557
  • Composition of the table: Aluminum solid
  • Cutting size: (X,Y,Z mm approx) 320, 300, 95
  • XYZ rail diameter: (X,Y,Z mm) 16, 16, 16
  • Gantry clearance (mm): 85
  • Resolution (mm): 0.01
  • Micro step modes: 1/2, ¼, 1/8, 1/16
  • Maximum speed (mm/min) 4000
  • Stepper Draw (A): 3.5
  • Number of axes (#) 3 – 3D

Included with this CNC milling machine

  • Power supply: 9A 230V
  • Control module: 3 axis
  • Number of stepper motors (#): 3, 500 ozin
  • Milling head: 2.2 kW
  • Drive: vis a bille et glissières type HIWIN
  • CAD software: BadogCAD software
  • CAM software: Badog CAM
  • Pilot software: —

Options (not included)

  • Vacuum table
  • Tool changer and milling head
  • Starter kit tools made of wood, aluminium or plastic
  • Tie-down kit
  • Suction accessory or suction system
  • Embedded control system (windows or Linux)
  • USB adapter, parallel adapter or Ethernet adapter
  • Wireless controller
  • 4th axis and controller

**Specifications may change depending on product configuration. Images are representative. Prices are subject to change at any time. see our cnc shop conditions for more or come to us to see the machines


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Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 500 mm


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