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Badog AlphaDog

The Badog AlphaDog is a perfessional machine cnc

Général :The AlphaDog CNC milling machine is one of our most powerful machines that we build. Like our other machines the AlphaDog is built with swiss raw materials and assembled by an engineer locally in fribourg switzerland. The machine itself can be equipped with an automatic tool changer that can handle up to 9 tools at a time and has an amazing 2.2 to 4.5 kW of power so you can even cut through soft metals. The machine table is equipped with a vacuum table to hold the workpiece to the table. It is cut into 6 different zones to optimize the vacuum pump power. The speed is amazing up to 20000mm/m and the machine precision is comparable to our other precise cnc models.


Rapport qualité / prix incroyables.


This machine is perfectly customizable and is built by demand so that you get the exact machine that you need. The machine is built with swiss materials and since the machine is local the service is quite quick and easy to obtain unlike over sourced cnc machines. The control system, circuits, software and machine chassis are all Badog products so that if you have a problem with the machine you know where to go for help. We even have an education center with 800m2 of machines and equipment open to the public so that you can learn and explore with us for your continuing apprentice with the machine.


The machine table is 2200×1500 and the z movement is 150mm. This means that you can make furniture, electrical control boxes, dressing cabinets, and even beds with the machine.


salle de class cnc fraiseuse

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Applications et utilisations : wood, plastics, aluminum and prototype manufacturing, engraving and chamfering. This particular machine is usually recommended for the industry. This machine is sold completely assembled and tested and is ready to adapt or improve for your application, situation or requirements




Machine Dimensions/ Specs (units) AlphaDog
Physical dimensions environ
(X,Y,Z mm env)
Cutting Size (depends on bearing configuration):
(X,Y,Z mm env)
Rail diameter XYZ:
(X,Y,Z mm)
30, 30, 30 supported
Clearence Gantry:
Resolution (option):
Microstep modes
1/2 1-1/8 1/16 (1/32o)
Max speed
Stepper Draw (upgrade available)
Number axes / D
3 – 3D or 4
spindle  (tool changer is available to upgrade for this model) 2.2 kW


Power Specifications (units) AlphaDog
Power supply included
Control module included:
Power supply input requirements
Power supply output requirements
Number of stepper motors
Torque stepper motors
Protection circuit



Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 500 mm


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