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The Badog Fatdog is designed for large aluminium milling or oversized wood projects like cabinet making, door making or house restorations. With its 750x800mm table the Badog Fatdog hobby CNC is wider than the other machines we sell but it remains compact, powerful and precise.


swiss made CNC à commande numériqueBadog Fatdog Badog Fatdog CNC aluminium milling machine

Badog Fatdog has a larger table that allows for a better workflow

Firstly, we designed the Badog Fatdog CNC aluminium milling machine for large aluminium milling or oversized wood projects like cabinet making or house restorations. Moreover, with its 750x800mm table the Badog Fatdog hobby CNC is wider than the other machines. But, it remains compact, powerful and precise.

Plus, the oversized body is aluminium rails and not profiles that can deform and bend over the years. This is the widest machine that we can manufacture with the X type of body configuration. Generally, this still maintains our quality and precision Alternatively, the larger machines we manufacture each have the supported rails and the Gibbons bearings which preserve the rigidity/price factor we are famous for.


Big… but not too big

The machine is not exactly a desk top design but can be placed into our added cabinet or table or on the floor of your shop if you have the space. And do not worry about if your pieces are longer than the actual tabletop, they can be milled and repositioned and milled again for pieces up to 5 meters long.

This saves thousands of Francs because you do not need to purchase a machine that is 5m long.Our compact, precise and ultra rigid desktop milling machines have been sold all over the world but despite the volume.


Built in Switzerland

Also, we are proud to say that we cut mill and drill each of our Badog brand machines with a Badog brand machine. The demand for our products is very high but to ensure quality and a high level of excellence, every Badog CNC is completely hand assembled with precision by an accredited and prize winning Swiss engineer using Swiss raw materials.

Altogether, this philosophy of in-sourcing allows us to maintain a superior quality without adding the price to our machines. Unfortunately for us, we have a never changed the price of our Badog CNC machines, instead we have found better ways to reduce the costs of manufacturing and remove added expenses to passing this savings on to our clients while maintaining our reputation of excellence in logic.


Who needs a large format CNC aluminium milling machine?

The Badog Fatdog CNC aluminium milling machine targets the small business user who does not have 25000. – for a quality large machine. In addition, it should be in reliable operation 8 hours per day 5 days per week.

Moreover, this machine comes with the free courses. Also we add the 24 support. This means that from the firs day of operation, the machine will be ready for you to command.


A better workflow

Additionally, you can start immediately to push out your products without the conventional learning curve associated with conventional CNC machines. Moreover, since our business targets the absolute beginner in the world of CNC machines, you can be sure that our machines and software solutions are not only advanced but easy to use and take just minutes to program with.

See the complete list of specs in the table below for this machine. Moreover, this particular CNC aluminium milling machine comes fully assembled with the heavy duty aluminium machine body. In addition, it comes with our Badog MikroNC 3-4 axis control module, 1050W milling head, 8mm, our award winning Badog CAD CAM software. Also we throw in a 2 year BLS guarantee, instruction course and 24h online help service.

CNC aluminium milling machine

Applications and uses:
Chiefly, we build our Badog CNC machines for precision power and speed. They can be adapt for use in, drilling, 2D Milling, 3D Cutting, and threading. Also operations like polishing, drilling, boring, turning, crushing, and many more.

In addition, the operator can use this machine for PCB circuits, instrument manufacturing, woodwork, RC models, sign manufacturing, aeroplane models, sign manufacturing, jewellery making, etc..


Name: Badog Fatdog CNC aluminium milling machine

Type: Hobby CNC machine

Machine dimensions/specifications

  • Physical dimensions (X,Y,Z mm): 1000, 919, 557
  • Composition of the table: Aluminium solid
  • Cutting size: (X,Y,Z mm approx) 620, 650, 95
  • XYZ rail diameter: (X,Y,Z mm) 20, 20, 12
  • Gantry clearance (mm): 85
  • Resolution (mm): 0.01
  • Micro step modes: 1/2, ¼
  • Maximum speed (mm/min) 3000
  • Stepper Draw (A): 3.5
  • Number of axes (#) 3 – 3D

Included with this CNC milling machine

  • Power supply: 9A 230V
  • Control module: 3 axis
  • Number of stepper motors (#): 3, 300 ozin
  • Milling head: 1.5 kW
  • Drive: Round axes with trapezoid
  • CAD software: BadogCAD software
  • CAM software: Badog CAM
  • Pilot software: —

Options (not included)

  • Vacuum table
  • Tool changer and milling head
  • Starter kit tools made of wood, aluminium or plastic
  • Tie-down kit
  • Suction accessory or suction system
  • Embedded control system (windows or Linux)
  • USB adapter, parallel adapter or Ethernet adapter
  • Wireless controller
  • 4th axis and controller

**Specifications may change depending on product configuration. Images are representative. Prices are subject to change at any time. See our cnc shop conditions for more or come to us to see the machines.


CNC à commande numérique

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 900 × 600 × 600 mm


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