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 The Badog class1 is the CNC router machine that started our business. Only until a couple of years ago since 2008 we have used this model of milling machine to cut all of the other machines.


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The Badog Class1 CNC router is our best selling machine in Switzerland

cnc router swissmade qualityGeneral: 

The Badog Class1 CNC router is the CNC machine that started our business. Since 2008, we have used this milling machine model to cut all other products and equipment. Further, you are buying the same technology and tools that we used to start our shop in Switzerland.

Also, we have sold hundreds of these compact, precise and ultra-rigid Badog Class1 machines. In addition, they are pretty popular with small businesses around Switzerland that do not have a bigger budget for a full-scale CNC machine.

More history

This particular hobby, CNC router, was the first machine in its category. It was designed not only as a powerful engraver but as a sturdy mill. A mill that can take substantial passes in aluminium at an unbelievably low price. The demand for our products is very high.

Still, to ensure quality and a high level of excellence, every Badog CNC is completely hand assembled. Also, they are assembled with precision by an accredited and prize-winning Swiss engineer using certified Swiss raw materials. materials like aluminium, plastics and locally sourced steel.


Badog Class1 CNC router precise, rigid and austere.

The elegant Badog Class1 CNC router has the option of using our free-play adjusters, anti-backlash nuts and bearing compensators. Chiefly, meaning that the machine can be adjusted to guarantee that there is no free-play movement in the mother screws and bearings and axes.

Also, We do not use cheap, mass-produced components that you will find in other models of machines like supported axes, overcharged stepper motors and ball screws from china. Furthermore, we use locally sourced mother screws and local metals that are certified Swiss-made. Moreover, this machine model has been sold to many exigent users, from the biggest Swiss watchmakers to the most excentric dreamers and inventors.


Badog class1 cnc router milling machine

CNC Pack to get you going: 

The complete price HT includes our free 24 help services so if for whatever reason you need us we are there for file treatment, documents, general help, conception or even if you need advice on tools and milling heads.

Moreover, we have built, conceived and manufactured this machine locally in Switzerland. This machine assembled and ready to use. Also, we certify with our heavy duty aluminium machine body, 2 year BLS guarantee, instruction course and 24h online help service. Contact us for more information.


Applications and uses:

The Badog Class1 CNC router is a 3D 3 axis machine which can be used for wood, aluminium plastics and prototyping. Moreover, this particular cnc router is targeted for the entry hobby user. Furthermore, you can use it in a larger scale shop to liberate a bigger machine for small operations of engraving, prototyping and drilling. Also, the machine can engrave and cut with many different tools.

Also, this cnc milling machine mill PCB circuits, aeroplane models, manufacturing, manufacturing, metalwork, sign manufacturing, construction. Also, high demand positions like watch making, mould making, remote controlled cars, hobbies, 3d printing. Of course, whatever your imagination can dream of.


Name: Badog Class1
CNC router controlled by computer

Machine dimensions/specifications

  • Physical dimensions (X,Y,Z mm): 618, 919, 557
  • Composition of the table: wood
  • Cutting size: (X,Y,Z mm approx) 320, 600, 95
  • XYZ rail diameter: (X,Y,Z mm) 20, 20, 20
  • Gantry clearance (mm): 85
  • Resolution (mm): 0.05
  • Micro step modes: 1/2
  • Maximum speed (mm/min) 3000
  • Stepper Draw (A): 3
  • Number of axes (#) 3 – 3D

Included with this CNC milling machine

  • Power supply: 9A 230V
  • Control module: 3 axis
  • Number of stepper motors (#): 3,200 ozin
  • Milling head: 1.5 kW
  • Drive: trapezoidal
  • CAD software: BadogCAD software
  • CAM software: Badog CAM
  • Pilot software: —

Options (not included)

  • Vacuum table
  • Tool changer and milling head
  • Starter kit tools made of wood, aluminium or plastic
  • Tie-down kit
  • Suction accessory or suction system
  • Embedded control system (windows or Linux)
  • USB adapter, parallel adapter or Ethernet adapter
  • Wireless controller
  • 4th axis and controller


Come see our cnc classroom in Fribourg

cnc router

Badog Class1 cnc router clients during lockdown


Additional information

Base Model Class


Milling spindle

None (+CHF0.00), Kress 1050 W spindle (+CHF605.00), 2 kW milling spindle water cooled (+CHF1,205.00)

Control module

None (+CHF0.00), 3 Axis control LPT (+CHF1,200.00), 4 Axis control LPT (+CHF1,500.00), 4 Axis with 4th axis divider (+CHF1,700.00)

Screw type

3 axis trapezoidal screws (+CHF0.00), 2 axis ball screw z axis trap (+CHF500.00), 3 axis ball screw (+CHF650.00)

Bearings axes

Non supported (+CHF0.00), Supported x and y (+CHF1,500.00), Supported axes (+CHF1,900.00)

Table and fixation

Table 20mm solid aluminium (+CHF800.00), T-table with supports 6 (+CHF1,500.00), T table with 20mm plate less20mm (+CHF2,200.00)


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