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Badog Gear designer allows you to easily add standard or custom gears to your CNC project. The gear models created are standard DXF models that can be added to your assembly drawing or 2D entities.


swissmade Gear calculator Badog Gear Designerswissmade

Gear designer Badog Gear Designer allows you to build clocks, gearboxes and other mechanisms

The gear calculator is for cogs and gears and coupled with our powerful CAD software Badog CAD it is perfect for an amateur. An amateur who needs to cut and design gears for his projects from wood plastic or metal. Imagine being able to simply enter the distances of the gears and have a program. A program that allows you to export the information of your gear wheels yes gears directly to your CNC machine. In addition, this file is ready to use and that’s the power of the gear calculator. Taking the limited information and filling in the blanks for you. Then transforming when you are ready this information in DXF, before feeding it by the CNC machine of your choice.


Gear Generator made in Switzerland

How does the gear calculator work?

This DXF gear calculator and generator was designed to create models of metal gear sets and single gears. Therefore, completely interactable with your favorite CAM software. Plus, if you look further you can see that CAD software for DIYers or SMBs does not contain the functions of drawing the gears. But DIYers now can cut even wheels and gears without paying for expensive software such as Solidworks or AutoCAD just for a gear calculation generator function.


gear calculator

gear calculator

gear calculator


The software builds scale and precise gears that you can glue on wood and cut with a band saw. Also, it is possible to output in CAD dxf format to import into your CAD CAM CAM software. In addition, once treated you can cut directly into wood, metal or cardboard.



Our gear calculator designer generates DXF shapes for involute gears that have teeth. Other we invented the word “involuntarily” to describe it. The development of the teeth is carried out so that the line of contact between the gears or wheels remains on the base circles. In short, the gears will turn as if a string was unrolled from the true base of the gear on the right and wound on the other base circle. An attached point on the string would trace mainly the involute teeth. In addition, note that the teeth will always contact the line of contact. And perfectly perpendicular to the line. The angle of this line to the vertical is the pressure angle (contact angle).


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