Badog CNC manufacturing center

All of our Badog machines, software and equipement are built here in switzerland in Romont since 2008 when we first opened our doors with our first machine Badog X2. Now the factory is still building swiss quality machines

Rt Joseph Chaley 27a
1700 Fribourg

hours: tues-sat 10h-18h

Badog Training center MIY MakerSpace

Route Monseigneur Besson 7
1700 Fribourg

Our MakerSpace fablab style workshop is open to the public and serves as a well-equipped shop for training on Badog machines, software and equipment. We also have welding machines, conventional milling machines, laser cutters, saws and an impressive array of hand tools. We offer both access to machines and also courses to master them. We also have a showroom to show the machines and the possibilities. Click here to see the website

Contact us or come see our machines in our school

1 Badog ServiceServiceservice@badog.ch078 891 86 96
2 Badog SalesSalessales@badog.ch078 891 86 96
3 Badog WarrantyWarrantywarranty@badog.ch078 891 86 96

*This is not our help line. for Help you must go to our help server located at