Badog CNC Milling Machines:

CNC Advanced automatic digital control machines designed to computerized control to produce multipoint of cutting tools. CNC Machines produced variety of materials in shape of metal plastic, glass, and wood, and producing a variety of custom-designed parts and products. Badog CNC Milling Machines.

It begins with development of 2D or 3D part Design, it is designed with CNC Compatibility and convert by CAM Software for machine. Many products designed as per surface requirement. The CNC system processes work as horizontally and vertically as CNC supportive milling machines- it based on customers demand and specifications required at workplace it may be rotatable, cutting edges, fixed tools etc. Customer need prioritize in developing the complete package as per expectations of their needs.

Milling Definition:

Milling is process in which tools are used to shape and produce products used for cutting and designing. Now-a-days digital control CNC machines used to produce such industrial tools. There are 04 types of milling machines we used face, plain, angular and form milling machines. Laser Machines and CNC Engrave also used for CNC Machines. Badog CNC Milling Machines

Digital control

  • CNC Controller Kit

Control Kits and associated software are designed to manage the production management of designed tools.

  • Emergency button

Automatic Emergency Button adjusted in the system to work in normal and emergency situations for safety of workplace.

Mechanical Material:

Mechanical control in machines designed and developed with use of tool axis, fixing part, bearing, milling head and DIY CNC Kits  

Software Services:

It’s provide customers with machine configuration with CAD manual and provide CNC Software.

Badog Tools:

We provide automatic digital control system produced milling head tools, cutting tools m cutting edges and vinyl for vinyl cutting.

CNC Computers:

Badog develop his own digital machines to control and monitor the performance such as Refurbished Dell Laptop, Refurbished Lenovo Laptop, Dell Keyboards, IBM Keyboards and Lenovo Computer Mouse.