Badog is the best swiss company in town providing the best quality services and products. CNC is an abbreviation of Computer Numerically Controlled mechanical system. Plus, CNC’s are used to design and manufacture tools. These CNCs use techniques based on digital control parameters. Also, suppose that we compare the CNC manual machines between companies: We have an advantage for using Badog CNC machines for cost optimization, speed, accuracy, efficient production. All by keeping safety in the workplace. Best CNC Milling Machines Swiss Company.

Features of Badog’s CNC Machines:

Accuracy in Production:  We use our high-quality CNCs for our system-based process and automatic setup with no human error. Also, this will increase accuracy and unified products—the best CNC Milling Machines Swiss Company.

Increased Production: Manual work is slow (in production) and has a limited output ratio compared to digitalized systems. 

Safe and Secure:

We apply safe practices to our workplace. Plus, we use automated processes rather than manual operations, which raises the risk of lack of security.

Speedy Execution:

Badogs’ product speed and motion workflow can increase the output of work. Plus, best CNC Milling Machines Swiss Company 


Increased efficiency and save work time. 

Cost Optimization:

Badog’s products are cost-effective due to their systematic approach. 

Badog Products 

Digital control

CNC Controller Kit

Control Kits and associated software manage the production management of developing tools.

Emergency button

The automatic Emergency Button is integrated into the system to work in everyday emergencies for workplace safety.

Mechanical Material:

The tool axis, attachment part, bearing, milling head and DIY CNC kits design the mechanical control of machines.



Software Services:

It provides customers with machine configuration with CAD manual and provides CNC Software.