Our CNC milling machines for amateur

Our Class1 CNC milling machine has round precision axes and can be used primarily for the small business or DIYer. The second machine the Badog FatDog LTD is an entry level milling machine with twice the space of the Badog Class 1. The Classs2 CNC machine is based on the Class1 but with all the options and more rigidity and power. Then the Badog PUP is ideal for small crafts, PCBs and circuits.

Then L’Artisan 22 has the best value for money for machines made in Switzerland. For small workshops or for PCBs the Cubic is ideal. And the China CNC machine is made in China, and it is ideal for someone who lives in China.

Class1, Class2, FatDog LTD and PUP have linear guides and trapezoidal drive and Swiss Artisan and Cubic have HIWIN type guides and quality ball screws.


Professional CNC Milling machines

Our Badog AlphaDog XL2 model is complete with automatic tool changer, vacuum table and 4.5kW milling head. The Artisan Suisse XL is based on the Artisan Suisse but with more power and truly the best value options. If you need a longer machine the Badog Class1 XL 30-200 and the Swiss Artisan 30-200 are for you. Wider? the Artisan Suisse 60-60 can cut up to 600x600mm. Then if it is not big enough the XLS can be extended to 2.5m in length.

All models in these ranges are manufactured with high quality bearings and ball screws and are supplied with a reinforced table and more power.