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2.2 kW spindle water cooled 2.2 kW spindle water cooled CHF800.00
Badog Spirograph DXF Badog Spirograph DXF CHF100.00
Badog CAD CAM solution Badog CAD CAM solution CHF700.00
Badog Excel to DXF 1.03 Badog Excel to DXF 1.03 CHF30.00
Badog X2 CNC Badog X2 CNC CHF3,900.00
Badog PUP CNC Badog PUP CNC CHF3,000.00
Swiss Artisan 55 CNC Swiss Artisan 55 CNC CHF36,000.00
Badog Swiss Artisan 22 Badog Swiss Artisan 22 CHF7,200.00

Welcome to Badog CNC

We invite you to come to Badog CNC to see for yourself
Sometimes it is difficult to see what our CNC machines can do for you. So, we invite you to come and visit our workshop where you can see a live demonstartion of our product line. You also have the opportunity to try our machines before you buy! Even for the beginner of CNC, We work with you until you get it right. We offer free inhouse training and info for all of our CNC cutters and CNC machines*. No need for experience we can start from the beginning.

The new Swiss Artisan 22

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Badog PUP
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  • Thanks to all for coming to July Soirée CNC @ Badog CNC

    Thanks again!!

    We at Badog CNC would just like to thank the participants of the last soirée CNC here in our shop in Romont last month in July. This month there was great food, fun and for the first time fireworks as well as some informative topics on gear cutting. We would also like to thank the town of Romont for their unexpected participation in supplying the fireworks to add to the ambiance.

  • Welcome to our new clients Frima Formations in Fribourg

    welcome to our new friends at frima formations in fribourg who has purchased on of our Artisan badog machines  and we had the honor to meet with th ewhole team there




  • 500 CNC machines and products in 6 years! Badog CNC still serving switzerland!

    Happy birthday Badog CNC!

    It has been a heck of a ride for us since we opened our doors 6 years ago but we still continue with our guaranty of quality and unparalleled after sales support and service. What once seemed impossible has become our particular speciality in turning the market of high quality router into an everyday too for customers who have usually had no experience before with CNC machines. Regardless that we have sold to hundreds of Swiss business from Michelin to EPFL, we have never raised the price of...

  • Slander and censorship on the forums

    Thank you to our faithful clients!!

    It seems that our competitors are getting nervous!

    We would like to formally apologize to all of our clients who have had their positive comments about our products REMOVED from

    We would also like to assure you that we do not use "special aluminum" in our videos and we have never missed a deadline and our machine is still precise as ever and we use a Badog machine to manufacture each Badog machine. Sou to all of our swiss clients who have purchased our product just to name a few


    We send out a thank you for your patrinage and support over...

  • Badog CNC presenting the Badog X3 alucutter at the FAMA Bulle

    From the 15 to 17 NOVEMBER 2013 we were at BULLE - ESPACE GRUYERE

    The FAMA edition 2013, with nearly 70 booths distributed on 5000m2 of surface, attracted more than 9000 visitors and passionate of the hobby world. We were proud to show off our new machines cutting aluminium and wood for the public. We have introduced the Badog X3 back to the market for all to see.


  • The new asjustable Badog anti backlash nuts and blocks

    The new adjustable Badog anti-backlash nuts and blocks history

    Since a 2009 ago we have introduced and been using anti-backlash nuts and bearings as options on many of our products and, in turn, have eliminated the need for ball screws and belts altogether on our Badog X brand of machine router. We have been well aware at the beginning that the trapezoidal axis was not the first choice in drive (movement) in order to guarantee a precise CNC machine. We have tried many systems over the years but each drive system had its own unique problem that contributed to in precision. The 2 original options of the ball screw and belts were quickly found to be unusable if we wanted to Assure a rigid machine without free play and still save our customers money in the process. We had to find a solution reliable and secure.

Welcome to badog CNC milling machines and hobby routers for hobbys

See how easy it is!

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1.5 - 4.5 kW air cooled cnc spindle 1.5 - 4.5 kW air cooled cnc spindle CHF900.00 Badog Fatdog NC Badog Fatdog NC CHF15,060.00
Swiss Artisan 55 CNC Swiss Artisan 55 CNC CHF36,000.00
Badog DeltaCAD Badog DeltaCAD CHF400.00
1.5 kW spindle water cooled 1.5 kW spindle water cooled CHF500.00
2.2 kW spindle water cooled 2.2 kW spindle water cooled CHF800.00

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We invite you to come see our cnc blog with articles and information as well as technical help for all Badog products


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Badog CAD CAM solution Badog CAD CAM solution CHF700.00

Badog Excel to DXF 1.03 Badog Excel to DXF 1.03 CHF30.00

Badog Fatdog NC Badog Fatdog NC CHF15,060.00


Important: All of the images used in this site are representative and although they are close they may not be exacly the same as the real products. All products depend on our sales and warranty conditions. Prices, sizes, specifications, availability and sales conditions are just for reference  subject to change at anytime without notice call for precise specs and prices.Find us on Google+