Swiss Artisan XLS 120-250


Großformatige CNC-Fräsmaschine


Großformatige CNC-Fräsmaschine

Großformatige CNC-Fräsmaschine professional machine cnc

swiss made Large format CNC machine

Firstly, the Badog large format CNC milling machine is one of our most powerful machines that we build. Additionally, like our other machines we build the Large format CNC machine with Swiss raw materials and assembled by an engineer locally in Friborg, Switzerland.

We can adapt the machine milling head with an automatic tool changer that can handle up to 9 tools at a time. Furthermore, the spindle can be upgraded to as much as 4.5kW of power, so you can even cut soft metals. Also, the machine table is raêady equipped with a vacuum table to hold the workpiece on the table.

Also, the speed is an amazing 12000mm / m and the precision of the machine is comparable to that of our other precise cnc models.


Incredible price/precision ratio

Customize your own machine

This machine is fully customizable and built to order so you get exactly the machine you need. We build the Large format CNC machine with Swiss materials, and since the machine is local, service is quite quick and easy to obtain, unlike imported cnc machines. Also, the control system, circuitry, software and machine frame are all Badog products. So if you have a problem with the machine, you know where to get help.


Training and classes

We even have a training centre with 300 m2 of machinery and equipment open to the public so you can learn and explore with us for your future apprenticeship with the machine. Equally, the Large format CNC machine is available to test in our training centre for tests and courses.

Lastly, the machine table measures 2200×1500 and the z movement measures 150 mm. Thus, this means you can make furniture, electrical control boxes, bathroom cabinets, and even beds with the machine.



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Applications and uses: The large format CNC machine can mill and engrave wood, plastics, aluminum and prototype manufacturing, engraving and chamfering. Moreover, we recommend this particular machinefor industry because of its ratio price/precision. Furthermore, it is sold completely assembled and tested and is ready to adapt or improve for your application, situation or precision requirements.


Machine Dimensions/ Specs

  • Physical dimensions (X,Y,Z mm env) 2600x1300x400
  • Table composit
  • Cutting Size (depends on bearing configuration): (X,Y,Z mm env) 2500x1200x100
  • Rail diameter XYZ: (X,Y,Z mm) 30, 30, 30 supported
  • Clearence Gantry: (Z:mm) 200
  • Resolution (option): (mm) 0.01
  • Microstep modes () 1/2 1-1/8 1/16 (1/32o)
  • Max speed (mm/min) 22000
  • Stepper Draw (upgrade available) (A) 3
  • Number axes / D (#) 3 – 3D or 4
  • vacuum table,  tool changer, and milling head not included optional


Power Specifications (units) Artisan

  • Power supply included () yes
  • Control module included: (A) yes
  • Power supply input requirements (V) 230
  • Power supply output requirements (A) 9-12A
  • Number of stepper motors (#) 3
  • Torque stepper motors (ozin) 200-600
  • Protection circuit () yes


Large format CNC machine by Badog

Large format CNC machine


Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 45 kg
Größe 800 × 600 × 500 mm


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