FAMA Bulle 409

The Fama show was all about model-making and creative hobbies, as well as any activity related to the concept of do-it-yourself. For two days, exhibitors and visitors met at Espace Gruyère in bulle Switzerland, making it a real venue for meetings and exchanges.

The exhibitors are creators were from various fields, ranging from creative craftsmen and haberdashers to dressmakers, pattern makers, and designers, not to mention technology enthusiasts.

The show provided them with an opportunity to share all their talents.

So that visitors can get hands-on experience, more than 50 workshops and interactive events were organized that year as part of the show. By putting visitors in the center of the action, they had the chance to experiment, create, and develop their creativity.

And we were at the heart of it all…


Welcome to our galleries section. Below are some photos that we have assembled from the FAMA Bulle Christmas expo for modeling and hobby crafts. We hope you like them and feel free to click on the image to make it bigger.